Grounded floral installation for a summer wedding

An Intimate Summer Wedding on Bellingham Bay

seasonal, garden-inspired wedding flowers

It is always such a gift to work with client that trust us and the cutting garden whole-heartedly- a true embrace of the delights of working with the seasons! Carly and Kurt definitely fell into this category, choosing our Prix Fixe service for their wedding flowers, in which we design exclusively with stunning + unique flowers grown in our Bellingham cutting garden. Whatever the season you choose for your wedding, there will always be stunning and unique floral ingredients growing in the garden at the time and place of your celebration. Working with seasonality allows me as a floral designer to create floral arrangements, bouquets and installations that help to distinguish the most well suited flowers for you at this particular moment in time, and also speak to who you uniquely are!

For this whimsical, organic wedding by the sea in Bellingham we leaned heavily into the highly textural elements the garden was offering and the bride was envisioning- it is always so amazing how this so perfectly lines up with the trust in our artistry and true alignment with the seasonality of flowers. The garden was in high summer, absolutely bursting at the seams with an array of botanical treasures including smokebush, dahlias, hydrangeaheirloom roses, cosmos, zinnias, foxglove along with some intricate + highly impactful foliages and textures including love in a puff vine, blueberry, viburnum + more.

Every year is different and every moment is different- which is part of what makes seasonally-available flower so beautiful. All of the flowers used for this Bellingham wedding will only all blooms at this exact time in this exact way only once, never again to be repeated in this exact way. The result of working in harmony with nature this way are always pure magic. Thank you garden for your incredible gifts!

bridal bouquet for a summer wedding in Bellingham
bridal bouquet for a Summer wedding in seattle
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bridal bouquet for a Summer wedding
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summer wedding flowers

why local flowers are the most extraordinary

There are lots of reasons to choose a florist that works with locally-grown flowers, and I know many of us here in the PNW are familiar with the sustainability aspect of the #supportlocal movement. And, YES! 100% this is a huge part of our business, and truly a way of life on our homestead here in Bellingham. But the truth is there is SO many more reasons, beyond the sustainability factor, that local blooms are really just far superior to their imported counterparts. 

Growing and buying locally grown opens up a whole world of beautiful, delicate blooms that do not ship well- blooming branches, delicate vines, unique winter hellebore, fragrant sweet peas… You simply cannot access these special + unusual magical treasure any other way. The freshness of scent, vibrancy of color and quality of flowers coming straight from a local farm is absolutely incredible. You caliterally FEEL (and smell!) the beauty anvitality of these blooms.

Locally grow flowers are a true celebration of the seasons + your special moment in time. These blooms carry the meaning and magic of what is happening right now in the time and place of your wedding, adding deep meaning + context to the overall feeling your flowers invite to the once in a lifetime moment. 

Finally, there is a beautiful synchronization of the entire ecosystem through ethical + sustainable growing practices and supporting local business. When all members of our community (including those in the natural world) are involved and iharmony, true alchemy emerges!!

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ceremony wedding flowers
summer wedding by bellingham bay

allowing flowers to shine as the do in nature

We always seek to design in a way that mirrors and compliments the not only the season or time of your wedding day, but also the surroundings while simultaneously allowing the flowers to shine as they do in nature. For the ceremony grounded floral installation, we leaned heavily into texture, particularly with the use of smokebush, hydrangea + foliage’s to pair with the scorched grass and movement of the native plants. We wove dahlias through the designs with intentional blocking to provide moments of color and contrast against the blue gray of the sea and sky. To ensure harmony with the ceremony site, we kept the installation grounded but still large enough to provide visual impact and support for the couple as they shared their wedding vows. 

The bridal party bouquets were lush and juicy, celebrating the bounty of the summer season and offering a joyful pop of color against the bride’s classic white + lacy gown. The table arrangements drew all of these elements together, while also inviting some funky fun and original designs to delight the guests at the reception tables. 

summer wedding flower centerpiece
floral centerpiece for a summer wedding
floral centerpiece for summer wedding
floral centerpiece for a seattle wedding
summer wedding centerpiece
floral centerpiece for a summer wedding
summer wedding flowers

Thank you so much to this team of Bellingham and Seattle wedding vendors! We are so grateful for the opportunity to share our working as a Seattle wedding florist with these talented members of our Seattle + Bellingham communities.

Photography: Anna Peters

Coordination: Wander Events

Rentals: Wander Event Rentals

summer wedding with stunning locally grown flowers