A Glimpse into the Noctua Florals Cutting Garden | Bellingham, WA

November 18, 2022

Where is the Noctua Florals Boutique Flower Farm located?

The Noctua Florals Boutique Flower Farm is nestled in the foothills of the Cascades, with both flowers and vegetables alike grown throughout our 5-acre property. We use beyond organic & regenerative practices, rebuilding soil organic matter, providing habitat for pollinators, and restoring soil biodiversity. Not only does this positively impact our planet by encouraging carbon downdraw, improving water cycles, reducing pollution, enhancing biodiversity, and more – it produces a level of beauty and vibrancy in our blooms that you can feel!

The freshness in scent, vibrancy of color, and quality of flowers that come straight from the farm is incredible- the beauty of flowers is a true form of nourishment and we all deserve to experience them at their very best!

Noctua Florals cutting garden + farm

Why we deeply cherish our land & flower farm

We have put our heart and soul into building our house mostly by ourselves, investing time & resources into our garden enough that we now feed ourselves almost completely from what we grow, raising animals in the most humane way possible, restoring native habitat, and creating a place where all different types of plants, animals and the two of us can really thrive and give back to Mother Nature. 

It has been a lot of work, but it has been the most rewarding experience of my life. The flowers we grow and the work we do here really bring us a deep level of joy and fulfillment that we feel blessed to have! 

And to our fellow flower-growers out there, I am linking some of our favorite seed companies below so you can check them out as well.

How we use our locally-grown flowers to inspire designs for our clients

So much of my design work is rooted in the natural movement and life cycles of nature, specifically what we grow in our cutting garden. Spring through fall the garden is bursting at the seams with flowers and foliage alike- colorful zinnias, vibrant dahlias, graceful clematis vines, heirloom roses, dancing cosmos, textural elements like celosia & amaranth…. every year the list keeps growing!! 

Having this garden space allows us to grow unique, hard to find botanical treasures that we are able to exclusively offer to our clients, creating magical, one-of-a-kind bouquets and floral arrangements. It really is a magical place that keeps us grounded and close to nature. 


Why It’s So Important to Use Local Flowers

You may be wondering why local flowers are any different than what you pick up at the grocery store. Currently, more than 80% of flowers purchased in the United States are grown overseas, most commonly in South America. These flowers are raised with heavy use of dangerous pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides, and under very poor labor conditions. They have been shipped from often thousands of miles away, producing high levels of carbon emission. 

Additionally, by the time you purchase them at the grocery store, they can be as much as a week old, meaning they often last just a couple of days in your home. We’ve all been there – you purchase a beautiful bouquet during your weekend grocery run, but by Wednesday (if not sooner), the flowers have begun to wilt.

Truth be told, flowers that are flown in from thousands of miles away are not only bringing with them a huge carbon footprint, toxic chemicals and degrading labor practices, but they also will never have the vibrancy, color and magic of flowers growing in the particular season of your wedding or event. There is no reason to ship flowers in from another continent, when we can grow gorgeous blooms right here at home.

Growing & buying flowers locally opens up a whole world of beautiful, delicate blooms that do not ship well – blooming branches, delicate vines, winter hellebore, fragrant sweet peas…. Local flowers are clean, sustainable, beautiful, interesting, and long-lasting.

When we use seasonally-available and locally-grown flowers, we are not only supporting local agriculture, small business, and environmentally harmonious practices, we are also creating an experience for our clients through flowers that is a truly unique, one-of-a-kind concept that is designed to connect to you and your loved ones to this special moment in time. 

We are proud to be a part of a new movement in the US toward sustainably grown, locally-sourced, and seasonal flowers!

How we take advantage of seasonality in our floral arrangements

Our little farm gives us an opportunity to celebrate and embrace the beauty of each individual season, grow on a scale that gives us a close relationship to every plant on the property, nurture unique and specialty flower varieties that are often unavailable elsewhere, as well as enjoy a deep connection to nature that influences our work. 

Tending to our garden gives us an opportunity to celebrate and embrace the beauty of each individual season, grow on a scale that gives us a close relationship to every plant on the property, nurture unusual and specialty flower varieties that are often unavailable elsewhere. 

From grasses full of movement, colorful dahlias, zinnias, tulips, and peonies, unique-textured foliage, fragrant heirloom roses, delicate vines & more, the farm is overflowing with an amazing selection of cut flowers and other botanical treasures. Our farm brings us an incredible amount of joy and pleasure and we look forward to sharing that with you.

We hope you enjoyed getting a small glimpse into the piece of our business that we put so much heart, time, and passion into in order to deliver the most exquisite flowers to every one of our clients! Feel free to ask us questions about the cutting garden & farm when you inquire with us if you’re curious about the blooms we’ll have in season at the time of your wedding/event, and we’d be happy to share more.