Romantic & Seasonally Inspired Elopement Photoshoot

October 1, 2020

This photoshoot was initiated by the very talented Danielle Johnson, who was in the process of moving to Bellingham and wanted to connect with some other talented local vendors (Thanks Danielle!) for a seasonally inspired, winter bridal shoot at The Vine Creative Space in Bellingham, WA. Our goal was to create contemporary & inspiration for any couple that wanted to elope or have a small indoor wedding or reception, but would still feel and shoot as light, bright & simple. While summer is often the traditional time of year to have weddings, winter weddings have a lot to offer – a time of peace & stillness, an incredible array of textural yet elegant evergreen trees and shrubs, some of the most unique and rare blooms we grow – I really wanted to embrace this with my florals.

Sustainability is at the helm of all of our work, and while sometimes it can feel like there isn’t a whole lot available locally flower-wise for a wedding, it’s pretty surprising the beauty that can be found if you are willing to seek it out and think a little outside of the box. From our own little farm, I was able to use delicate hellebore, a foraging trip up to my generous neighbor’s incredible gardens yielded cascading andromeda & textural evergreens, and a quick trip down south to the Seattle Wholesale Growers Market featured incredible greenhouse-grown anemones & Oregon roses. This combination led to a simple yet whimsical style that really challenged me to embrace the season and I am hoping that we will meet some wedding clients in 2020/2021 who are just as excited to enjoy these unique gifts that winter has to offer!

Photography: @imdaniellejohnson & @jasmynrosephotography

Creative director: @imdaniellejohnson

@hannahjames & @ryantjames

@enhancingyoubykenna & @symmetriestudios

@stylingwithkaitlyn & @symmetriestudios