bridal bouquet designed by Bellingham wedding florist for a summer wedding

Summer Wedding Flower Inspiration

Summer in Seattle + the greater PNW brings with it a delightful abundance of flowers in a wide range of colors, textures, patterns, shapes and scents for those planning a wedding during this vibrant season. The abundance of locally grown, sustainable flowers offers a special opportunity to create whimsical, artful one-of-a-kind floral designs that can truly make your wedding speak to not only who you are as a couple, but also celebrate the unique time + place of your celebration.

This blog aims to inspire you with ideas and examples of how to incorporate some of these gorgeous Seattle summer blooms into your special day. We hope you enjoy these stunning floral arrangements, installations, bouquets + more!

Vibrant and whimsical summer wedding in the skagit valley

 About an hour north of Seattle lies the lush farmlands of the Skagit Valley that hosts a plethora of stunning + unique wedding venues. This wedding was at Santucci farm, a place rich in agricultural history, featuring beautiful gardens and the original barn, capturing the imagination of all who encounter it. We brought this space and the couple’s vision to life by working with flowers that captured the essence of summer through their vibrant colors and textural elements in including cosmos, dahlias, zinnias, sweet peas, phlox, pansies, larkspur, nicotiana, flowering oregano and more. 

One of the very special part of this wedding is that we used flowers 100% from our own cutting garden. Our 5-acre homestead is located in Bellingham, featuring flowers, veggies, fruits and more throughout the property. We use beyond organic & regenerative practices, rebuilding soil organic matter, providing habitat for pollinators, and restoring soil biodiversity. 

Our little farm gives us an opportunity to celebrate and embrace the beauty of each individual season, grow on a scale that gives us a close relationship to every plant on the property, nurture unusual and specialty flower varieties that are often unavailable elsewhere, as well as enjoy a deep connection to nature that influences our work. From grasses full of movement, colorful dahlias, zinnias, tulips, and peonies, unique-textured foliage, fragrant heirloom roses, delicate vines & more, the farm is overflowing with an amazing selection of cut flowers and other botanical treasures. We grow these flowers exclusively for our clients. Our farm brings us an incredible amount of joy and pleasure and we look forward to sharing that with you!

stunning summer bridal bouquet
summer wedding flower arrangement
summer bridal bouquet

colorful, garden-inspired summer wedding centerpieces

When designing these summer wedding centerpieces, we seek to design in a way that evokes a lush, overflowing garden feel. Featuring sustainably grown flowers grown from our cutting garden and some of our favorite local farmers like Free Range Flowers, Wild Rye Farm + Floralie Flower Farm, we created these arrangements bursting with color and life that drawn on the natural landscape of the Seattle summer. The freshness in scent, vibrancy of color, and quality of flowers that come straight from these local farms is incredible- the beauty of flowers is a true form of nourishment and we all deserve to experience them at their very best!

Incorporating botanical treasure like dahlias, marigolds, zinnias,  Japanese anemones, heirloom roses, rudbeckia, cosmos, grasses + beautiful foliage’s can lend an unexpected moment of delight to you table setting. Each centerpiece becomes a conversation starter, reflecting the season’s abundance and your own unique style. 

favorite summer bridal bouquets

The bridal bouquet is always one of the most important elements of any wedding celebration. Seasonality plays a big role in our designs, which allows us to be in relationship with he beauty of each season, incorporating the unique blooms and foliage’s that are only available at the specific moment in time of your wedding day. We rely heavily on our cutting garden to bring together one-of-a-kind speciality floral ingredients that are difficult to find elsewhere, such as clematis, smokebush, unique heirloom rose varieties, phlox, echinacea, pansies, hydrangea and more. It is always so special to have truly had a relationship with almost every single stem in a person’s bouquet, from planting the seeds, to nurturing the plants as they grow, to eventually working with the blooms in a gorgeous design for a really meaningful moment in someone’s life. 

Below are some of our very favorite summer bridal bouquet designs from over the years!

summer bridal bouquet
bridal bouquet for a Summer wedding
Summer Bridal Bouquet
Bridal Bouquet for a Summer Wedding designed by Seattle wedding florist Noctua Florals
summer bridal bouquet designed by bellingham wedding florist
Modern, textural and organic flowers for an urban Seattle wedding at the Metropolist

Thank you so much to all the very talented vendors who were involved in the creation of this beautiful weddings.

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