Noctua Florals Cutting Garden

Spring on the Homestead in Bellingham, WA

The homestead in Bellingham,WA

Our land + how we choose to tend it lies at the heart of our work and philosophy. The cutting garden is just one part of a greater web that is our farm\homestead that we have built + nurtured throughout our 5 acre property in Bellingham, WA for the past 8 years. Not only do we grow many of the flowers weave into our designs, but also the vast majority of the veggies + fruits we eat throughout the year! In addition we raise animals like goats, chickens + ducks, build our own compost, planted hundreds of native trees + shrubs to help restore habitat, and even have built our own our house!

Throughout our farm use beyond organic & regenerative practices, rebuilding soil organic matter, providing habitat for pollinators, and restoring soil biodiversity. Not only does this positively impact our planet by encouraging carbon downdraw, improving water cycles, reduce pollution, enhance biodiversity, and more. We work hard but also feel deep gratitude to be able to do the work that we do!

Our cutting garden gives up an opportunity to celebrate and embrace the beauty of each individual season, grow on a scale that gives us a close relationship to every plant on the property, nature unusual and specialty flower varieties often available elsewhere, as well as enjoy a deep connection to nature that influences our work. These images are just a glimpse into what we have co-created amongst ourselves + nature- we hope you enjoy!

Alliums in the Garden
Goats on the Homestead
Compost for the Cutting Garden
daffodils in the spring garden

Preparing the soil & Tending the Land

We believe that it is more than possible to mix elevated, incredible events + weddings with sustainability and a deep mindfulness of our imprint\connection to our planet.The choice to use what is in season and locally grown captures a sacred, specific moment in time that is unique only to you and your partner, creates magical, one-of-a-kind floral art, AND is in alignment with the natural rhythms of life + sustainable living.

With all of our work, from seed to centerpiece, we strive to work in a way that honors the deep needs of a person\couple going through this important life event- to be seen for who they are at a core level, create something beautiful, deeply meaningful + unique with lots of love through flowers for this special moment in time, all while holding onto a deep reverence for Mother Nature + all her beings throughout this process. The truth is, our true needs as human beings are tied into the health of the planet! For us, this starts with the DIRT! With our soil! And how we choose to tend and nurture this sacred resource, use it to grow our plants and then invite our clients hearts into the garden when we create. 

We achieve this harmony by creating our own compost, using a complete organic fertilizer with natural amendments, planting a diverse range of annuals + perennials, creating habitat for pollinators and all forms of animal life, using no-till bed methods, crop rotation, avoiding the use of single-use plastics, incorporating a range of organic growing methods, and offering our love and attention to these incredible life forms! Nurturing our soil this way produces a level of beauty and vibrancy in our blooms that you can feel! The freshness in scent, vibrancy of color, and quality of flowers that come straight from the farm is incredible- the beauty of flowers is a true form of nourishment and we all deserve to experience them at their very best! 

In the Noctua Florals Cutting Garden
sifting the compost
compost to the garden
Noctua Florals Cutting Gardes
Plant seedlings ready to be planted into the garden

Spring flowers in bloom

The spring garden is much more subtle than the obvious, bountiful beauty that you find come the summer season. As you step into the garden, much of what you see this time of year is the various hues of brown earth with plants just getting planted out or starting to wake up. But there is also so much magic in this time of great transition, the buds of cherry blossoms burst open into fluffy delight, flowering bulbs go from little shoots to incredible blooms of tulips, daffodils, muscari, alliums & more, roses are starting to leaf out, and the promise of what is to come hums with joy throughout the space.

I try really hard not to play favorites, but spring flowers are probably my favorite. At the top of my list would be fritillaria- a family of spring flowering bulbs that range from the delicate and graceful meleagris, movement-rich uva-vulpis, to the dramatic and bold persica varieties. Each has its own unique personality, shape and rich colors. 

If you would like to add some of these magical spring flowering blooms into your own garden, our very favorite place to source bulbs is from Van Engelen.

In the Noctua Florals Cutting Garden
Bucket of Blooms
Frittilaria in the cutting gardes
blooms in the cutting garden
tulips in the cutting gardes
muscari in the cutting gardes

nourishing each other

Growing plants is to be in a relationship together of mutual support of the intention to thrive. The garden has supported me through so much in my life + been one of my greatest teachers. We take care of each other. It truly is a gift that I am able to nurture and tend in in return- and then share that all with you!! 

Thank you so much for allowing me to sharing this all with you and supporting this type of work. An especially big hug to the wonderful Anna Peters for capturing these special moments!!! Happy gardening.