Spring Wedding Flowers

3 Stunning Spring Wedding Color Palettes

It may be summer but we are already booking Bellingham + Seattle weddings for 2024… which means we are already thinking about all things SPRING!! There are SO MANY color palette choices out there, and it can sometimes feel overwhelming when trying to decide your wedding style. So in this blog post we wanted to share a few unique + unexpected color spring color palettes that we just love, and really celebrate the bounty of the season of spring!

One of the things that makes our design work as a Seattle wedding florist different from the rest is that we work almost exclusively with local flowers grown in both our own cutting garden as well as some of our favorite local farms from Bellingham + Seattle, ensuring that our clients get not only the freshest, most sustainably grown wedding florals we can provide, but also incredibly stunning, one-of-kind floral art that embraces and celebrates the very special moment in time of your wedding day. This is where the magic really happens!  

Neutral wedding flowers

Neutral color palettes do not have to be boring! As our friends at Decorating Den Interiors  describe- a neutral color palette is any group of colors that have been muted or desaturated. Instead of being super bold, they do not feature an intense color hue but rather are a group of colors typically interwoven to create a color combination that looks cohesive with a variety of patterns + textures. You can create a variety of different looks, from modern to classic and everything in between using a neutral color palette. 

We often think of neutral shades being in the realm of white, black, gray, etc, but your neutral color palette is definitely not limited to these and it is entirely possible to create a neutral look with many different colors as long as they all share the same undertone!

For these two events, we worked with warm neutrals + cool neutrals. The first (warm neutrals) were created by mixing warm primary colors- in this case, yellows + shades from the red family (pink) with pure neutrals to achieve a palette that is warm but not overly vibrant. For the second (cool neutrals) we mixed cool-toned primary colors (blue) with pure neutrals to create a soft yet modern feel.

These whimsical + organic floral arrangements + installations feature spring flowers including specialty tulips + daffodils, spirea, cherry blossoms, huechera, butterfly ranunculus, muscari, hellebore + more. Thank you to Wander Event Rentals for the gorgeous table + chair rentals!

Floral design for a Seattle Wedding
Floral Centerpiece for a Seattle Wedding
Floral Installation
Spring Wedding Inspiration
Wedding Centerpiece

Classic green & white wedding flowers

The classic green and white color palette is popular for a good reason- it is timeless, elegant + absolutely stunning. So how can you take this concept and make it unique to you + your wedding day? ANSWER: by embracing the season + botanical elements that are truly specific to that moment in time. 

For this shoot I designed with the classic white + green color palette, but chose to work with minimal foliage- instead embracing these very unique green hellebore only available during the early spring season! Complimented by the gorgeous white fritillaria, ranunculus + leucojum and hints of their green stems; this arrangement celebrates the season and elevates the standard “green + white” color palette 

Spring Wedding Centerpiece
Spring Wedding Inspiration
Floral Centerpiece

Moody wedding flowers

We love a moody color palette! This color palette is defined by darker colors such as purples, blues + grays, along with bolder colors like reds + rich greenery. These colors evoke distinct feelings + emotions, catching the eye and inviting the viewer deeply into the present moment. The spring season really features many of these striking colors, particularly a wide range of shades of purple as seen here through the hellebore, fritllaria, lilac, ranunuculus + tulips.

These strong colors can, on their own, feel a little heavy so we often opt to add in some softer hues like taupe, honey, soft yellows + blush to these designs. Blending in these colors can completely transform a moody color palette into a stunning, one-of-a-kind piece of art that truly celebrates the beauty of the spring season! Big thank you to Anna Peters, our favorite Seattle wedding photographer, for these incredible images.

Spring Bridal Bouquet at Christianson's Nursery
Spring Bridal Party Bouquets