Vibrant & Colorful Summer Wedding Florals at The Saltbox Barn

September 16, 2022

Stephanie & Jon’s Summer Wedding at the Saltbox Barn

A couple bursting with joy – and flowers to match

This last summer we had the pleasure of designing for Stephanie & Jon’s wedding at The Saltbox Barn in the beautiful Skagit Valley. It was an incredibly joyful event for guests and vendors alike – the positive energy and obvious love were palpable! So of course, it made perfect sense that our floral designs matched the abundance, color, and vibrancy of the couple, the guests, and the day as a whole.

Vibrant summertime blooms from local farms

For Stephanie & Jon’s wedding at The Saltbox Barn, we used ingredients sourced 100% from the Noctua Florals cutting garden and our favorite Whatcom County growers. Stunning heirloom roses, movement-rich disidus & delphinium, all the textural goodness of celosia, yarrow and jewels of opar. . . pure magic!

The overall design was a true summer celebration of all things joyful, with elegance and subtle romance throughout. We wanted to blend the classic romance of the soft pink heirloom roses, the springtime feel of the pale blue tweedia, & bright pops of fuschia throughout to add somewhat of an element of surprise. We wanted to blend the classic romance of the soft pink heirloom roses, the pastel elegance of pale blue tweedia, bold yellows & burgundies, as well as bright pops of fuschia throughout to add even more elements of dynamic beauty. The palpable energy & joy of colorful floral bounty are hard to beat at summer weddings like this one.

A fusion of textures amid the vibrant color palette

One element to floral design that we are incredibly intentional about here at Noctua Florals is texture, and the way that texture can add incredible depth & dimension to an otherwise “flat” floral piece. Textures are what bring a piece to life through unique characteristics such as smooth or jagged lines, shiny or dull surfaces, or the different shapes your eyes are drawn to. When you’re intentional about both the tactile & visual textures of florals, you’re truly able to add layers, draw the viewers’ eye to different important elements, and accent your flowers in the way you’d like them to appear.

For the florals at Stephanie & Jon’s wedding, not only in the bridal bouquet, but also in the boutonnieres, the bouquets set atop the barrels at the end of the aisle, and the grounded floral installation at the altar, we paid close attention to the textures of the blooms we curated. The soft, delicate pattern of the heirloom roses & tweedia, designed with the repeated shapes of eucalyptus & dahlias, contrasted against the bold elegance of celosia & yarrow created a stunning fusion of textures that really brought this color palette to life.

The magic of trusting your floral designer

These wedding florals for Stephanie & Jon were the perfect example of the power of putting your full confidence in the artistry of your floral designer. Given trust and creative freedom, that is when the true magic happens! You share your creative vision and allow us the space to bring this to fruition, we bring all of our creativity, ideas and intention into creating the perfect floral arrangements for your unique wedding day- this process always yields incredibly beautiful and special results!

Saltbox Barn Wedding Florist & Vendors

We are so grateful to this incredible couple for the opportunity to create beautiful pieces for this wonderful event and to the amazing team who put it together. If you are considering having your wedding at The Saltbox Barn, we would love to help bring your floral vision to life! You can learn more about us below, and we would also highly recommend looking into the vendors below for your other wedding day needs!

Florist: Noctua Florals

Photographer: Joanna Monger Photography

Planner: Evergreen Events

Desserts: Pure Bliss Desserts